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Labo VR Gets Two Free DLC Minigames, Available Now

Nintendo's Labo VR kit can now pull off a few new tricks, thanks to some downloadable DLC minigames that have been made available for free.

Destructoid reports that two new minigames — a maze-type game and a home run derby-style sports title — are now free to download on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, as is often the case with Nintendo, getting these games isn't the straightforward process you might imagine. You won't boot up Labo VR and download the games from within the Labo software, which would make tons of sense. Instead, you have to search through the Switch's News Channel for the update about the Labo VR games. From there, you can download the titles, and then load back into Labo VR and play them.


Is it weird for Nintendo to assume that the News Channel is a suitable delivery method for Labo VR DLC? Yes. But we can't complain too loudly about it. Free is free, after all.

We're unsure about the amount of space these Labo VR minigames take up on the Switch, though they don't look graphically intensive in the slightest from what we've seen. And we're quite in the dark as to why Nintendo opted for the News Channel announcement over some kind of shout elsewhere, as we can count on one hand the number of times we've ever looked at said channel. But if you're someone who's grown bored of the current Labo VR offerings and would like something new to try, the maze game and the home run derby experience should provide what you're after; provided you don't get tired holding the Switch and Labo VR headset up to your face, because Nintendo still doesn't have plans to sell some kind of normal-looking headset.


The new Labo VR games are available now from the Nintendo Switch News Channel. Just look for the banner that says "NEW VR MINIGAME!" and select that story. Then select, "Open and Receive Sample" at the bottom.