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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Not Very Good On Switch

We'll forgive some developers their trespasses when it comes to getting their games on the Nintendo Switch. Doom at 30 frames per second? Understandable. The Witcher 3 at a downgraded resolution? We'll deal with it. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night struggling in just about every way possible? Wait, hang on.


According to multiple reports, Bloodstained's Switch port is having a whole lot of issues, ranging from frame rate drops to delayed inputs and — not surprisingly — a drop in graphical fidelity when compared to other platforms. On the frame rate side, Polygon detailed one player's experience, noting that the game could "barely run about 15FPS" in some areas. And in terms of graphics, Destructoid said the Switch port looked as though "someone smeared Vaseline on the screen."

And that's not all, unfortunately.

Some players on Reddit are also reporting that the game's loading times are far longer on Switch than on any other platform. And some are even stating that the game has locked up on them outright. We took a look at the official Bloodstained Twitter account to get some sense of how the team is handling all of the Switch-related complaints, and found that the team had to issue a quick day-one patch to address an issue with treasure chests in the game. Otherwise, not much has been said about Switch-specific performance with regard to Ritual of the Night, even though there are loads of players expressing their disappointment.


There will likely be a patch at some point to address the Nintendo Switch port's various problems. There are heaps of Switch-owning Bloodstained backers who funded the game and aren't happy with what they're seeing, and they'll undoubtedly make their voices heard on the game's Kickstarter page. As for now, the best thing you can probably do is hold off on purchasing Ritual of the Night if the Switch is your primary platform. It doesn't look like the game is up to snuff, and considering there are so many other similar games on the Switch that run beautifully, that's downright baffling.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for any news on a Switch patch for Ritual of the Night. Hopefully one comes sooner rather than later.