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505 Games: 'We Need To Do More' To Fix Bloodstained For Switch

It appears those who purchased Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Nintendo Switch have been heard.

After a Reddit post caught fire yesterday, filling up with hundreds of comments complaining about the quality of Ritual of the Night's Switch port, developer 505 Games has issued a statement via Twitter promising to fix the game.


"Throughout the QA process we have been addressing performance issues in the game," the tweet said. "Update 1.01 was published to Switch prior to launch to add content and improve performance. It did not accomplish as much as we had hoped and we need to do more."

The team at 505 Games then laid out what fans can expect for the near future.

"To address the concerns brought by the community we are immediately shifting resources to improve performance on the Switch," 505 added. "You can expect a number of small updates that will improve different areas of the game rather than waiting longer for one big update."

On one hand, this is rather good news for those who've purchased Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Switch, as it seems 505 Games will be focusing a lot more on that platform and will be issuing rather speedy updates to whip the game into shape.


There's still the question of why the game was allowed to ship in this condition, however; especially when the same game runs relatively well on other platforms. It seems rather unbelievable that 505 Games didn't know there were issues with the Switch port, which means the studio knowingly shipped a poorly optimized game with the intent to fix it later. And that is happening way too often these days.

We hope that most of the major issues with the title — the low frame rate, the input lag — are fixed in short order. Unfortunately, we don't yet know when updates are coming or what each update will attempt to fix. So we're stuck giving you the same advice we did yesterday when this story first broke: if you're interested in purchasing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, you might want to do it on a platform other than Switch. At least until the game runs as it should.