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GOG Launches Massive Sale Featuring 300+ DRM-Free Games

PC gamers have a number of different launchers to contend with right now, and everyone seems to have their favorite. But what if you prefer no launcher? Then GOG, friends, is for you. And it just so happens the store is kicking off a massive sale this week featuring discounts on over 300 games.


"Who would allow their game to be sold without DRM?" you might ask. Well, quite a few developers and publishers, actually. You'll find the recently released Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night selling for $35.99, which is a few dollars off of its launch price. Frostpunk is currently half off, going for just $14.99. You'll even find games like FirewatchOxenfree, and Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition selling for just $5. Not too shabby.

Granted, a lot of these titles either come from indie studios or were released a while back, so you're not going to find a DRM-free version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 floating around in this storefront. But a lot of the discounts you can find here are pretty on par with what's happening in Steam's current sale, and come with either the pro or the con (depending how you feel) of not requiring Steam to run.


Believe it or not, DRM-free games are actually not all that uncommon to find. GOG has made habit of selling them, but you'll also find them in other places, too. A Humble Monthly subscription grants you access to that service's Trove, which is an entire library of DRM-free titles you can download and still have access to later, even if you're not a Humble subscriber anymore. And there are a host of other sites and storefronts — Itchi.io, for example — that are fairly lax about applying digital rights management to their titles.

But don't think for a second if you're a serious PC gamer that you're going to get away with deleting all of your launchers. You'll still need Battle.net for WoW. You'll still need the Epic Launcher for Fortnite. You'll still have to fuss with Origin for this year's FIFA, and now Steam for Destiny 2 going forward. But if you're thirsty for a nice little indie game that just opens when you click on it, and the peace of mind in knowing it'll still work should Steam implode and take its enormous inventory with it, GOG's not a bad place to shop.

We'll keep an eye out for any other gaming-related deals we can share.