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Dr. Disrespect Apologizes For Bathroom Incident At E3

Dr. Disrespect is an arrogant figure. But he's also a made-up character. The guy who dons the wig on stream, who just happens to be named Guy, would like you know that he's not that person, and that he's sorry for the whole E3 mess.


Guy Beahm — the man who plays Dr. Disrespect on Twitch and elsewhere — recently broke character to issue an apology about E3 on his personal Twitter account, according to GamesIndustry.biz. In case you're behind on the times, Guy's Dr. Disrespect character livestreamed inside a restroom at the event, violating California state privacy laws and getting both a ban from Twitch and a ban from E3 for his troubles.

Here's some of what Beahm had to say about the incident.

 "When we were talking around filming at E3, we clearly weren't thinking about the laws/repercussions of filming in the bathroom because honestly, it wasn't in our frame of mind at the time. We were sort of 'all in' with the Doc livestream experience and capturing the E3 event through the character. We were so into the E3 IRL journey that we became a little blind in what's ok and what's not ok. We had no ill intentions and I feel that was pretty obvious if you watched the entire thing. We wanted to capture an adventure, unfortunately we took that adventure into the wrongs [sic] areas unaware of the legalities surrounding it. On behalf of the Dr Direspect brand, I apologize for this."


On one hand, this apology is a wise move from Beahm. Some felt Beahm, who rarely stops being Dr. Disrespect, wasn't taking the violation all that seriously. This mea culpa, albeit from his rarely used personal Twitter account and not from the Dr. Disrespect handle, at least acknowledges the streamer made an error in judgment.

On the other hand, though, it feels slightly weird for Beahm to be apologizing on behalf of the Doc's brand, as though he surrendered all mental faculties when jumping into the Dr. Disrespect bodysuit and couldn't control what happened afterward. It would've served him better to simply say, "I made a mistake, and I'm sorry to all the Dr. Disrespect fans I've left hanging the past few weeks."

For what it's worth, the Doc's Twitch channel has been back online for a couple of days now, so his current exile is self-imposed. He's planning a big comeback stream set for July 8. Should any news break then, we'll fill you in.