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Overcooked Goes Free On The Epic Games Store; Torchlight Coming Next Week

If you're hanging out with friends and family for the Fourth of July holiday, why not spend a little bit of time screaming at each other?

Overcooked, 2016's slightly insane multiplayer cooking game, is now available for free via the Epic Games Store. And while you can play it solo, it's best played with other people. The object of the game is to put your dishes together using the necessary ingredients while also getting those dishes out to your customers in a timely manner. Put together a meal, get it ready to serve, and move onto the next one. Oh, and do it while other people are trying to work in the same kitchen.


Coordination is key. If you and your partners come up short in this category, you will fail. "Where are my tomatoes?" you'll ask, beads of sweat dripping from your forehead. "I thought someone else had the tomatoes," your friend will reply. As it turns out, no one had the tomatoes. Someone needed to dice the tomatoes. How can you serve a cheeseburger without tomatoes?

Overcooked isn't all that's coming to the Epic Games Store, by the way. Ever since the company announced during E3 that it would continue to offer one free game a week for the rest of 2019, we've had new titles to look forward to every Thursday. And now we know what's on the way next week.

Torchlight is an action RPG that originally released in 2009, and it's now making its way to the Epic Games Store. It'll be offered for free on Thursday, July 11, so if you missed out on this oldie but goodie and you're interested in getting it for zero dollars, mark that date on your calendar.


We'll be sure to report back next week to remind you about Torchlight becoming available, and we'll also have the next week's game ready to reveal by then. Stay tuned.