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Destiny 2 Cross-Save Being Tested In The Wild

Cross-save figures to be a huge addition for Destiny 2 players when it arrives this fall. But it appears some at Bungie are already testing the new feature out in the game's shared world.

Game Rant reports a that Reddit user shared a screen grab of a Destiny 2 player who — by all indications — appeared to already have access to cross-save. That Reddit user, A1exander231, speculated that the player might be a Bungie employee, noting the "Cross-Save Enabled" tag on their in-game card and the fact that the feature isn't supposed to ship until September.


Bungie community manager Cozmo23 later confirmed that to be true.

"We are testing some stuff to make sure it's ready for primetime," Cozmo said. "Want to make sure we iron out any weirdness before inviting you all to join in."

It seems cross-save is coming along rather well, nearly two months ahead of its targeted release. That's good news.

Cross-save is a big deal for Destiny 2, as it'll finally enable players to play with one account across a variety of different platforms. We've elaborated a bit on how cross-save will work in the past: you'll choose one account (if you already play multi-platform) to use as your "Cross-Save Account." From there, your Guardians, all of their accomplishments, and all of their gear will be accessible no matter which platform you're logging into. Your purchased expansions will not follow you, so if you intend to play on more than one platform, you'll have to buy new Destiny 2 content on each one. But guns and armor obtained from paid expansions on one platform do transfer to others, even if you don't own that expansion content on another system.


Destiny 2 players can expect cross-save to arrive alongside the game's upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, which drops for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Sept. 17. Google Stadia will also get Destiny 2: Shadowkeep when it launches in paid early access later in 2019.