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Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Cheat To Be Patched July 30

Destiny 2 players have been taking advantage of a bug in the game to tally up Season of Opulence tributes for the Tribute Hall, thus gaining access to the Bad Juju catalyst early. Bungie now says, however, that the good times will soon come to an end.


"As part of Season of Opulence, Guardians are paying homage to their previous adventures to earn awesome rewards," the studio said in its latest This Week at Bungie post. "Some of us leveraged an exploit in the Tribute Hall, taking advantage of Calus's generosity with some clever character-switching shenanigans to place that free tribute over and over and over... you get it. This allowed some players to skip the tribute experience entirely, making other players who had done bounties and pledged large amounts of their resource reserves feel a little irked.

"We will be fixing this glitch on July 30 as we kick off Solstice of Heroes. As you all know, it not our policy to punish players who discover cheeses, loot caves, or workarounds in the game. If you took advantage of this short cut, you can rest easy. You won't be marched in front of Calus for sentencing. However, you will not be able to keep using all of your ill-gotten rewards until you square up things with Calus."


According to Bungie, the studio will be issuing a patch to ensure that both the Bad Juju catalyst and "X Marks the Spot" emotes — obtainable by making a certain number of tributes — can only be used if a player has the correct amount of tributes. This gives those who cheated their way to glory about ten or eleven days to legitimately reach that same tribute count before the items become unavailable to them. That's a whole lot of grinding to do, so if you're someone who used a glitch in the Destiny 2 system to obtain your catalyst ahead of schedule, you'd better get to work.

Destiny 2's next event, Solstice of Heroes, launches on July 30. The game's next expansion, Shadowkeep, arrives on Sept. 17.