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New Overwatch Hero Sigma Now Playable On PTR

Well, that was quick. One day after teasing the arrival of Sigma, the 31st hero in Overwatch, Blizzard has already added the new character to the game's PTR servers. If you're curious about how he plays, you can check him out right now.


Also at this moment, Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan is taking part in a live stream of Sigma gameplay with Twitch streamer A_Seagull. So if you're at work or otherwise unable to download the latest Overwatch update, that too will give you a chance to see what Sigma's packing.

Or, you know — we could just tell you.

We've learned today that Sigma is a tank character. His primary attack, Hyperspheres, basically consists of two charged up balls that implode to do area damage. He has an ability called Kinetic Grasp, which enables you to absorb fire from enemies and turn it into shields. He also has another ability called Accretion, which forms a giant boulder of debris that can be thrown at your opponents.


Sigma's Experimental Barrier — his shield — can be floated out at a distance you control, and can be brought back if need be. That's pretty cool. But it's his Ultimate, Gravitic Flux, that'll probably steal the show for some. This Ultimate lets you lift all enemies within the Flux high in the air before eventually smashing them back down into the ground. And while using Gravitic Flux, Sigma also rises into the air. And sometimes he gets high. Very, very high.

How will he play in a regular match? We're not quite sure yet. We've only seen footage of matches with multiple Sigmas running around, spamming their Experimental Barriers to high heaven. And that's definitely not how things will work in the quickplay and competitive playlists.

But based on early impressions, Sigma looks like the kind of character some people are going to have a lot of fun with. We don't know when he'll be added to the game outside of PTR, but as soon as we know, we'll make sure to get you an update.