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Fortnite's Controversial Cars Were Broken From The Beginning

"Fortnite" is in the midst of its most divisive season yet, and the community isn't even close to a consensus on whether the current car meta is great or terrible. There are solid arguments to be made on both sides, but the truth is even blurrier now. As it turns out, your luck with this season's cars might have been determined by which one you were driving. Streamer and pro gamer Nick Eh 30 recently discovered that some cars offer way more protection than others.



We need to talk about pay-to-win cars in Fortnite

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It appears to be the result of a glitch (or at least a design flaw), but certain cars with large windshields open up their drivers to unexpected attacks. If you're not careful about the vehicle model you choose, your passengers might be able to kill you while hitching a ride. Even worse, Nick Eh 30 has concluded that many of the premium cars –accessed by players willing to pay for them — do not have this weakness, triggering accusations that the new season is pay-to-win. Love or hate the car meta, that's not an issue you want in the game. The good news is that the cars are getting fixed — kind of. Epic is aware of the problem and has plans to address it in a future update. The bad news — at least if you're already over the car meta — is that the devs' fix is going to favor the drivers.


Attention, all Fortnite drivers

Shortly after videos of the car windshield glitch started making the rounds online, Epic responded to the problem. We're not exactly sure when the fix is coming, but it's on its way. Epic is taking the Occam's razor approach and moving drivers slightly further back, reducing their visibility and vulnerability through windshields. It's a simple solution that's probably going to make about 50% of players happy.


Ultimately, this windshield glitch isn't going to make or break the latest "Fortnite" season — the cars are managing to do that on their own. Even though people have had time to settle into the new meta, they still can't agree on whether or not it's any good. Some people who love cars are complaining that they aren't strong enough, arguing that boogie bombs and EMPs still make short work of vehicles. On the flip side, others are still begging for Epic to significantly nerf cars for the rest of the season.


No one's completely happy this season, but it won't last forever. Despire the shade thrown at "Fortnite" right now, the game will soon move on to its next meta, and the cars will eventually become just another forgotten "Fortnite" scandal. But for now, let the road wars continue.