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Pokimane Reveals Harassment From Major Streamer

Pokimane is continuing a recent streak of scandalous reveals, exposing inappropriate behavior in the streaming industry. During a recent stream, she opened up about the creepiest reason she's ever fired someone, and now she's turning her sights elsewhere. In a new episode of Pokimane's podcast "Don't Tell Anyone," the streamer decided to get real about more unpleasant interactions that she's had online. In this instance, Pokimane found herself dealing with harassment from another streamer, rather than from an employee. 


A few years ago, Pokimane posted a photo of herself wearing a pink suit while riding in the back of a car, along with the caption "anybody need a sugar momma?" Not long after, another streamer reached out to Pokimane through her DMs and started berating her for posting the photo. He apparently thought the suit was cut a little too low and started tearing into her, going so far as to imply that her father wouldn't be proud of her because of her selfies.

"I've always low-key wanted to expose him, but at the time, I just didn't want that smoke," Pokimane said during the podcast. Now she's finally telling the story, but leaving out some details for a pretty hilarious reason.

Why Pokimane isn't naming names

Pokimane stopped short of telling listeners who the streamer in question was, but hinted that listeners might be able to figure out who it is. "Now his career kind of ... It's gone down a little bit," she explained. "So, I think he would only profit from me saying his name." Pokimane might have found the best possible way to have the last laugh.


Pokimane's story is frustrating, but not all that shocking for anyone who's been following the streamer's career — or for anyone who's ever been on the internet. Online harassment is one of the tragic things streamers have to deal with, and women in the streaming industry tend to get the brunt of the abuse. In telling her story, Pokimane also brought to attention a double standard in the streaming industry. Pokimane said that the man who reached out to harass her about the selfie actually has a history of posting his own shirtless selfies on social media. "It was so confusing," she said. "I'm like, why is it okay for dudes to post shirtless photos, but as soon as I have a little bit of cleavage you should burn me at the stake?" A fair point.


Pokimane's previously called out creepy behavior from her viewers, and fans are happy to see that she's still keeping that same energy up. With a platform as big as hers, Pokimane might be able to cause some real change by continually bringing her audience's attention to the way that women are treated online, particularly in the streaming space.