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How Long Does It Take To Beat Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode?

Super Mario Maker 2 differs from its predecessor in that the game isn't just for building levels and playing courses designed by others. The sequel also has a Story Mode, which means Nintendo just put out a brand new Super Mario Bros. campaign without a lot of people realizing it.


How long does it take to beat Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode, though? That's what we set out to learn. Now we have the answer.

Now that the game is out and in the hands of millions of players, we have the benefit of using the website How Long to Beat. There, a total of 47 players at press time have submitted playthroughs for Super Mario Maker 2, with the average coming in at a bit over seven hours. It's worth noting: that's just running straight through the story. If you want to go the completionist route, you can expect to tack six or seven more hours on to your experience.

It's important to keep in mind: that's just an average. The typical Super Mario Maker player will likely finish Story Mode in that span of time. Seasoned Super Mario Bros. veterans, however, might be able to complete the campaign a lot faster. But that's not all Story Mode has to offer, so if you want to unlock every power-up, collect every coin and restore Princess Peach's castle to its former glory, there is plenty more to do.


Plus there's a whole community of players creating their own levels. So while you may eventually finish up Story Mode, you'll have a hard time running out of new courses to play. Super Mario Maker 2 is truly the game that never ends. For Super Mario Bros. fans who can't get enough of the series, that's a dream come true.

Super Mario Maker 2 is out now for the Nintendo Switch.