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Bad News For GTA Fans Who Have Vapid Lost Slamvan Envy

The Vapid Lost Slamvan has long been an object many Grand Theft Auto Online players have pined for. It's been a forbidden fruit; a vehicle occasionally used in missions that otherwise couldn't be owned. That changed with Grand Theft Auto Online's most recent update. But there's a catch.


The vehicle can only be won in the game's new Diamond Casino & Resort. And your chances, like the Vapid Lost Slamvan's frame, are low.

According to Polygon, there's now a Lucky Wheel in the casino that players can spin one time each day. That daily spin comes with a chance to earn a prize, and the Vapid Lost Slamvan happens to be one of those prizes. Unfortunately, the deck is stacked against you. The GTA Wiki over on Fandom gives players less than a 0.005 percent chance of landing the Lost Slamvan, and if we're calculating correctly ourselves, that means you could spin that bad boy around 20,000 times before the math would finally be in your favor. And even then, it's still RNG. You could still not get the Lost Slamvan, even after all that time.


Or you know, you could just be incredibly lucky and win it. People do win the lottery, after all, impossible as it may seem.

Despite the odds, there are people out there getting their Slamvans. But it appears they're using some kind of glitch in order to acquire the vehicle. In the past, that wouldn't have flown, as GTA Online was militant about removing the Slamvan from player inventories and garages. But now that the vehicle can be won, it seems players are able to keep it regardless of how they go about getting it. We aren't quite sure what the glitch is at this time, but you can almost count on it being patched at some point. Rockstar would much rather have you spin that wheel.

Good luck.