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What Streamers Are Saying About Dr Disrespect's Ban Controversy

Streamers across the internet are sharing their opinions on the latest Dr Disrespect controversy, as well as the disturbing allegations that have been made against him. On June 21, Cody Conners made a post on X (formerly Twitter) alleging that someone was banned from Twitch years ago after messaging a minor via Twitch Whisper, and trying to set up a meet with them at TwitchCon. Conners didn't name names, but Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban is the only big mystery that's been haunting the streaming space for years.


The Doc denied any wrongdoing in his own social media post, and then a flurry of news came out on Monday, June 24. First, Dr Disrespect told his viewers on stream that he plans to take an extended vacation from content creation and social media to deal with his own burnout. Then the Doc's game development company, Midnight Society, announced that it was cutting ties with him after looking into the allegations.

The internet has been reacting to the Dr Disrespect news with a huge range of emotions. Some people are coming down hard on the streamer, while others are defending him and pointing out that no evidence has been made public yet. Streamers are no different than the rest of us, and while some have seemingly made up their minds, plenty are waiting for more information to come out as they try to make heads or tails of this situation.


Nickmercs defends the Doc

Nickmercs was one of the first streamers to speak up about the allegations against Dr Disrespect. He posted a video response to the initial allegations on June 22, where he called out the internet at large for being quick to jump to conclusions. "I'm as taken aback as a lot of you guys are, okay, but the fact remains that these are some crazy accusations ... Until we know more, until we know them as fact, until they've been proven with evidence, what are we talking about?"


A couple of days later, Nickmercs tuned in with thousands of others to watch Dr Disrespect's "Elden Ring" stream. Nickmercs posted a short clip showing his reaction to Dr Disrespect's decision to take a break from streaming. "That didn't look like a panicky exit," he said. "It kind of looked exactly what the f*** he said, man." Nickmercs went on to talk about how Dr Disrespect, despite having an amazing career, has been through plenty of ups and downs over the years. He said he supports his friend's decision to step away and take a break from the internet for a while.

Nadia briefly condemned Dr Disrespect

Not every streamer is waiting for more evidence to come out before making a call on Dr Disrespect, and some are happy to see him going away from the scene. According to Sportskeeda, Nadia made a post (now deleted) on X reacting to the news that the Midnight Society is severing its ties with Dr Disrespect. She laid out her feelings on the situation in no uncertain terms, writing, "I don't understand how this is even controversial. His own company said, 'We assumed his innocence.' 'Spoke with parties involved.' 'These facts are difficult to hear.' Why are so many people defending a pedo?"


Notably, that post didn't stick around for long. Nadia has since deleted the take, so it's possible that she had a slight change of heart after posting that gut reaction. Then again, she might just be trying to steer clear of the drama while keeping herself out of the speculation game entirely, especially considering the little information or evidence we actually have about what happened with Dr Disrespect.

Asmongold showed some empathy for Dr Disrespect

Of course, you don't have to commit to defending or condemning Dr Disrespect to have feelings about the entire situation. On his own stream, Asmongold watched Dr Disrespect announce that he'll be taking an indefinite break from content creation. While Asmongold didn't have much to add about the accusations that have been made against Dr Disrespect, he did express some empathy for the Doc's decision to stay offline for the time being.


"If he feels like it's not mentally, like, good for him to keep streaming, then he should stop doing it," he told his stream. Asmongold pointed out that whether or not the accusations are true, the internet is going to be coming down hard on the Doc for a while, potentially filling his chat with hateful messages or even harassing his family. 

"If you look at it from his POV, this is very, very bad. This is probably, like, unironically probably the worst thing that has ever happened to him." People in Asmongold's chat didn't have many kind things to say about Dr Disrespect, but Asmongold pushed back a little and pointed out that we don't have any hard evidence about the allegations one way or another.


xQc is waiting for more info to come out

Of all the streamers reacting to the Dr Disrespect situation, xQc has arguably had the most intriguing response. Shortly after the allegations came out, xQc dropped a hint on his stream that he might know more about the situation than the average person. He told his viewers, "Some document, something tangible was communicated today ... to some people, and it will probably come out super soon and will probably make things clearer." xQc didn't elaborate any further about what he'd seen, and whatever document he was talking about didn't make its way to the public by the time Dr Disrespect announced his hiatus.


Come Monday, xQc also had a reaction to the Midnight Society's decision to cut ties with the Doc. While he still didn't say anything about his personal beliefs regarding the allegations, xQc did say that he thought the company was making a reasonable business decision. 

"If they think something is bad or they have something, and they want to get ahead of the curve so that their employees don't tank some s*** after the fact," he said on stream, "I think that's perfectly okay." xQc's measured responses aren't the kind of thing the internet loves to spread around, but they do make us wonder what he's seen and what he personally thinks about what's going on.

Tectone isn't judging just yet

Much like xQc, Tectone had a pretty calm and level-headed response to this entire Dr Disrespect situation. He went through the posts and responses on his stream and later uploaded the breakdown to his YouTube channel. In his discussion, Tectone tried to keep things to the facts, and he repeatedly pointed out that people shouldn't be jumping to conclusions one way or another without first seeing more evidence.


Tectone did take a shot at people online who are extrapolating all kinds of assumptions from the little bit of information that we've gotten so far. "My whole issue with all this is, rather than make up fake reasons to hate someone, why don't we just find the real things that can be proven, and we focus on those?" 

Tectone said that he actually saw some good in this situation because while plenty of people were quick to draw their own conclusions, a large swath of the internet is actually showing some restraint. He noted that many were asking for more proof of the accusations against Dr Disrespect before making any judgements.