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Dr. Disrespect Reveals What It Would Take To Get Him On Mixer

Now that Ninja has moved over to Mixer, all eyes are on other popular Twitch streamers to see if they'll follow. One such star is Dr. Disrespect, and the Doc — never one to say "no comment" – let his audience know exactly what it would take for him to leave Twitch behind and embrace Mixer with open arms.


While streaming on Twitch today (via Dexerto), the topic of Ninja and his newfound home came up thanks to a comment from someone in Dr. Disrespect's chat. The Doc didn't waste any time getting down to business.

"Let's say, a move for the Doc to Mixer. Let's just, like, theoretically say it, right. The number would have to be crazy," Dr. Disrespect said. "Like, I'm talkin'... I don't know what Ninja got. But it's gotta be at Ninja's level or higher."

The Doc then justified the unstated amount, claiming that he had "a stronger brand" before bursting into laughter.

It's been reported that Ninja's exclusivity deal with Mixer will net the streamer close to $50 million, though the specifics of the deal are unknown at this time. Unlike Twitch Partnerships, which appear to be more standard from streamer to streamer, Mixer contracts are a more of an unknown quantity. Mixer is really getting behind Ninja, too, offering viewers free subscriptions to his channel for one month, and it's not known whether Ninja profits off of those subscriptions or if the freebies are part of his deal. And we've yet to learn how long the deal is set to last.


On top of all that, it's really tough to imagine that Microsoft would be willing to shell out another $50 million to a top-tier streamer. The addition of Ninja to Mixer's portfolio is probably intended to pull some of Twitch's audience over to that platform, and hopefully entice other streamers to come on their own volition. Never mind the fact that it's likely Ninja who has the most recognizable brand in streaming. He's been covered by just about every major media company and has played video games on Ellen. He's a household name at this point, and can command Russell Wilson money because of it.

Russell Wilson, by the way, is currently the top-paid player in the NFL. And if you don't know who he is, but you follow Ninja, the point has been proven.

For now, we'll be watching Dr. Disrespect to see if he makes a move. It doesn't look likely at this point, but then again, neither did Ninja's a few days ago.