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Shroud's Net Worth And How Much Money He Makes On Twitch

Shroud — otherwise known as Michael Grzesiek — is a former professional gamer who now makes a living as a Twitch streamer. And by all accounts, Shroud is killing it, and that living is very good. But how much is Shroud worth these days? And how much money is he banking by streaming on Twitch? Tons.


According to the website Naibuzz, Shroud boasts around 45,000 subscribers on Twitch. Taking what we know from Twitch's Partner program, the cut most streamers get from each $5 subscription is approximately $2.50. Therefore, one can assume that Shroud is raking in around $112,500 every month just from Twitch. Naibuzz last updated Shroud's Twitch numbers back in January 2019 (should've updated that font, too), so it's possible Shroud has netted even more subscribers since.

And as for Shroud's total net worth? Naibuzz estimates that at around $3 million. Keep in mind: Shroud makes money via other avenues, too. He has a wildly successful YouTube channel that, at press time, has over 5 million subscribers, so he's definitely generating some revenue from the content he uploads there. And Shroud has also managed to ink some sponsorship deals with companies like HTC and Logitech, so he's able to earn additional income by promoting those brands on his stream and elsewhere.


And when talking about Twitch streamers, one cannot forget about donations. Streamers tend to see their incomes multiply when they gain more followers and subscribers, as there are more people around willing to send donations. And some viewers compete for attention via their donations, too, with viewers trying to one-up each other to see who can give the most. There isn't a lot of transparency when it comes to how much Shroud is making from the donations he receives, but it's likely a healthy chunk of his total income. Donations, combined with his Twitch earnings and the money pulled in from YouTube and sponsorships, make the $3.5 million figure for Shroud's net worth seem plausible.

That's our best attempt at deciphering Shroud's net worth and how much money he makes on Twitch. It's way more than he made as a professional gamer, and we're sure he's quite happy with the career change.