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This Insane Mario Maker 2 Level Is A Functioning Calculator

We've seen many unbelievable levels in Super Mario Maker 2, but nothing quite like this (via AllGamers). It's not your run-of-the-mill Super Mario design. It's not one of the auto-run levels that have become so popular. It's not even devilish in its difficulty. It's a calculator. The kind you do math with.


But calling it just a calculator doesn't do this level — called The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator 2 — the justice it deserves. Because while, yes, it can add and subtract, there is machinery working behind the scenes to make it possible that can only be described with a GIF. Maybe this one, just over and over.

It starts simply enough. You enter the level and you're asked to choose two numbers, which you select by breaking the blocks assigned to them. After that, you decide if you'd like to add or subject, and then enter a warp pipe based on that choice. 

That's when the sensory overload section begins.

You're instructed not to move as you're placed into a mathematical Rube Goldberg machine. Platforms snake around the space. Enemies patrol nearby. Cranes come along to occasionally pluck you up from where you're standing and stick you someplace else. And you can hear all kinds of sounds connected to events occurring just off screen. So many sounds. There's so much going on that watching and listening to it all can be a bit overwhelming. But it's totally worth it for the payoff at the end.


After you're transported through the level, you finally reach the moment of truth. And somehow, someway, bombs with wings fly into the picture and destroy a few blocks, revealing the correct answer to the equation.

We're unsure of how long this level took to build. All we know is that we couldn't replicate it if we tried.

You can try out The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator 2 in Super Mario Maker 2 by entering this level ID: C81-8H4-RGG. Hats off to its creator, Helgefan.