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Ridiculous Bugs Ruin Elden Ring's DLC Ending

"Elden Ring" has always been difficult, but the "Shadow of the Erdtree" DLC has raised the challenge to a whole new level. Brutal bosses are smacking players down like flies, and most fans are mostly loving it. There's a way to make the game easier, but some players are ignoring it — a decision that transforms the final boss of the DLC into a Sisyphean struggle. However, while some players make multiple attempts, others are dealing with a more bizarre and frustrating outcome. 


One "Elden Ring" player just shared the tale of their heartbreaking and anticlimactic fight with the DLC's final boss on Reddit. They'd managed to chip away about a third of the health bar from Radahn, Consort of Miquella, and the fight was shaping up to be yet another spectacular loss. Then the boss clipped into a wall, vanished from the map, and took 30,000 damage from a particularly violent bug hiding in the game. Just like that, "Shadow of the Erdtree" was over in the most disappointing way possible.

Not everyone saw it that way, though. "I remember praying for this to happen around attempt 300," wrote one commenter. Others said they'd had similar experiences, except they were the ones falling through the map and dying. There's no denying that "Shadow of the Erdtree" is an amazing DLC, but FromSoftware may need to start rolling out some bug fixes. This isn't the only place where players are having epic boss encounters completely ruined.


Messmer dies to gravity, too

Just a few days before the story of the anticlimactic final battle made the rounds online, another "Shadow of the Erdtree" player shared a similar video.

Messmer is supposed to be another incredible fight for those who best him. He's got multiple phases, a cool arena, and some weighty lore importance, but none of that really matters when he goes  over a railing and falls to his death mid-fight. Bugs like these are great for laughs, but considering the fact that challenging fights are a large part of the appeal of FromSoftware's largest game, they also can completely ruin the player experience.


Based on the comments, it seems like the Messmer glitch is even more common than whatever bug took out the final boss. These glitches aren't why the reviews for "Elden Ring" are plummeting, but they are causing players to loudly request a new feature for the game: "They need to add a way to replay bosses, how do we not have that yet," asked one player. If FromSoftware can add one of the best features from "Sekiro" into "Elden Ring," then we really will be able to laugh off moments like this.