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Here's What Shroud Really Thinks About The #Twitchisoverparty Campaign

Is Twitch toast? After a series of unfortunate missteps — including turning Ninja's former Twitch URL into a haven for porn — many banded together online to pronounce the streaming site dead. Popular streamer and former pro gamer Shroud, however, has a different opinion.


Over on his Twitch channel, Shroud has shared his thoughts on the trending hashtag #twitchisoverparty, and the idea that a number of streamers might jump ship and leave Twitch behind in favor of a rival platform. And it appears he does not think it'll happen.

"Hell no, I'm not riding the 'Twitch is over party.' I don't know if you'll ever catch me in a movement like that," Shroud said when answering a fan's question about the hashtag. "That is ridiculous."

Shroud went on to state that while he does feel Twitch needs to "get it's sh-t together" in light of recent events, the controversies are not something to "create this weird movement over."

Needless to say, you probably won't see Shroud bailing on Twitch anytime soon; that is, unless he can score a sweet deal from Mixer like Ninja did.


A number of Twitch viewers have become fed up with the way the site's been managed over the past few years. And one has to admit; the way Twitch handled Ninja's departure seemed rather vindictive, as it pulled his content down from Twitch.tv/Ninja and instead hosted streams of other players. That's what allowed the aforementioned porn incident to occur, unfortunately, and it seems Twitch has learned its lesson. Ninja's Twitch page now looks like any typical offline user's would, which makes you question why Twitch ever messed with it in the first place.

At press time, no major streamers have decided to follow Ninja out the door or made announcements that they'll be suspending their streams. So it looks like Twitch has dodged a bullet for the time being. We'll update you should that situation change, or should Twitch manage to step in it again.