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Will Nintendo Ever Make A More Powerful Switch?

Nintendo's released two versions of the Nintendo Switch so far: the launch edition, and the more battery-friendly Switch. Nintendo also has the Switch Lite on the way, which focuses on portability. But what about power? What about a Switch that can run Doom at a decent resolution?


Will Nintendo ever make a more powerful Switch? It depends on what you look to for guidance.

Nintendo hasn't been known to upgrade its home console hardware during the same generation. Going all the way back to the NES, there was never a home system that launched and then got a more powerful version later. Have there been other models? Sure. Nintendo's released some different looking designs, and packages with more storage. Otherwise, the consoles have largely stayed the same.

On the portable side of things, however, Nintendo has been very keen on introducing updates. The Nintendo DS eventually gave way to the Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo 3DS got bumped by the New Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo's had no issue rolling out mid-cycle upgrades for its portable lines, and if Nintendo is treating the Switch more as a portable than a home console, a more powerful Switch could definitely be a possibility.


We'll just say this: before the Nintendo DSi and the New Nintendo 3DS, the company introduced size variants of those systems: the DS Lite and 3DS XL, respectively. Nintendo just did that for the Switch by announcing the Switch Lite. So if history holds, what comes next could be a more graphically capable Switch. And that should make a lot of Nintendo fans very excited.

A beefier Nintendo Switch has long been rumored, but as of now, we don't have any official word on whether one is in development. Should we gather any more details about an upgraded Switch — or hear any whispers about a potential announcement — we'll definitely get that news in front of you.