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Apex Legends Kicks Off Iron Crown Collection Event, Adds Solos Mode

Apex Legends finally has that Solos mode everyone's been asking for. It's here for a limited time, and it's part of a two-week-long event called Iron Crown Collection, which promises a host of new challenges, cosmetics, and changes inside Respawn's battle royale shooter.


Sony's PlayStation Blog landed the scoop on some of what we can expect in Iron Crown Collection, as well as what might come later.

To start, there's the Solos mode; something Apex Legends players have practically begged Respawn for since the game launched. Solos will enable 60 players to face off against one another without teams, finally giving those who have "the worst teammates ever" a chance to prove themselves. While Solos mode is only slated to stick around for the Iron Crown Collection event, Respawn has stated that it could occasionally reappear from time to time, which is great news for a game that, really, only has one mode most days.

On top of that, players can expect to see a lot of new cosmetics, including some skins that look a lot like the kind of gear you'd find in Destiny 2's Iron Banner (must be the name). You can see some of these in the Iron Crown Collection trailer and, wow. They might be some of the coolest skins in the game so far. We're not quite sure how you'll earn them just yet, but we're guessing you might have to spend some real-life money in order to get them all, which is unfortunate.


One of the more interesting bits of the Iron Crown Collection event, though, is the concept of a "Town Takeover." These alter the Kings Canyon map to, as Sony describes it, "introduce fresh areas and new gameplay features." And according to Lee Horn, the game's director of product management, Town Takeovers could serve as delivery mechanisms for additional Apex Legends lore in the future. Octane is the current subject of this first Town Takeover, and has claimed an area near the Thunderdome by adding ramps, jump pads and all sorts of other stunt gear. It looks like a good time.

Apex Legends' Iron Crown Collection lasts from today through Aug. 27. If you want to pick up some awesome-looking skins — or if you hate teammates — now might be a good time to jump in.