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Apex Legends Players Are Cheating By Teaming Up In The New Solos Mode

Battle royale games tend to have problems with teaming; in fact, it's against the rules in almost all of them. That being said, it was inevitable Apex Legends would run into the same issue upon launching its own Solos mode for the first time. And sure enough, it has.


According to Eurogamer, it is remarkably easy to team up with a friend and take down the rest of the solo players in a match. All you have to do is queue into matchmaking at the same time. The outlet states it "managed this four out of the five times" it was attempted, and regardless of whether that's due to a low player count or a lack of "shuffling" occurring, it's a problem.

Apex Legends players have noticed the teaming, too. The game's subreddit is plastered with posts like, "Encountered a duo in solos today," and players leaving comments like, "Just went up against 4 guys. Absolutely ridiculous." And humorously, one player asked if there was any way to report the cheaters, only to be met with the following satirical response: "You have to buy the report box which comes with a GUARANTEED 50% chance to report the person you want to. Also, 50% chance to ban yourself. SURPRISE MECHANICS!!!"


It seems even with the cheating taking place, players still haven't stopped being upset about the Iron Crown Collection event and its obscenely expensive microtransactions.

There's no word yet on whether or not Respawn will step in and start dropping the banhammer on those who team up in Solos mode. But some kind of action appears necessary if the studio wants Solos to be successful. We've jumped in for a few rounds ourselves and it's a lot of fun. It's a mode that definitely deserves to stick around, even after the Iron Crown Collection event ends.

But only if the cheating is stamped out. Otherwise, why not just play normal Apex? At least you'll have some backup of your own.