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Watch Dogs: Legion Reveals Playable Characters, One Can Die At Random

Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs: Legion back at E3 2019, showing off some major changes to the typical Watch Dogs format. One of the biggest changes is the exclusion of a main character; instead, Legion promises to make every character in London playable. Each potential recruit comes with their own backstory and gameplay skills and it's up to you to create the perfect team for taking back the city.


The latest Watch Dogs: Legion trailer shared at today's Gamescom Stadia Connect presentation introduced a few more characters you can choose from, including an elderly gentleman who might drop dead at any moment. Ubisoft describes Alan Murphy as an "old codger and veritable mad bastard." He receives +100% damage when using rifles; however, because of his age and the fact that he hasn't visited a doctor in 25 years, he can die randomly. Try not to get too attached as Legion features permadeath, so, once Alan dies, he's gone for good.

Beyond Alan and his delicate constitution, the trailer marked the debut of two other characters: Viktor Lysenko and Sue Taylor. Viktor, who has been banned from multiple bars because of his violent benders, takes 50% less damage after drinking. Adding a little respectability to the roster, Sue brings her legal prowess to the table, resulting in a 25% chance that all members of your crew will automatically be released from jail. Other possible recruits include Victoria Hartridge, a young woman seeking revenge against her brother's murderer, 3D Printer employee Jada Wokoma, pyrotechnics enthusiast Peter Cox, and former MI6 agent Alan Mwamba.


Each character has a unique problem that they need assistance with. If you help them out, they'll join your lineup of playable operatives, at which point you can give them a class, level them up, and unlock new perks.

Watch Dogs: Legion comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Google Stadia on March 6, 2020.