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Watch Dogs: Legion Will Give You New Recruits If You Run Out

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can conceivably play as any character in the game, so long as you've recruited them to your cause. But one strange question lingered in our minds following the game's reveal: what happens if all of your recruits get killed?


In the world of Watch Dogs: Legion, permadeath is an ever-present danger. That character you're using and have grown rather fond of? They could be put out of commission forever should you pick a fight with the wrong enemy (no, not Helen!). And if you keep entering into losing battles with your recruits, it stands to reason that, at some point, you simply won't have any left. Fortunately, the team at Ubisoft Toronto came up with a way to deal with this.

According to Twinfinite, the game will help fill your team if everyone gets wiped out.

"When you recruit people, their relatives and friends are also positively impacted so if you run out of people you'll have the option to let people join your team automatically if you run out of recruits," said Clint Hocking, the creative director of Watch Dogs: Legion.


To read into that a bit, it sounds like a brother or a sister or a cousin might take up the mantle for a character should they perish in battle. That's cool, because you might still feel some sense of connection to a character you lost by way of playing as a relative or a friend. It's also helpful; some people might lose a lot of recruits before they're able to get a handle on the game. It's nice to know Legions will have your back in that regard.

Watch Dogs: Legion is nothing if not ambitious. It borrows that permadeath, play-as-a-new-character loop from Ubisoft's own Zombi while blending it with a Watch Dogs open world and what has to be an insane amount of voice work and motion capture. And Ubisoft states that each character found in Legion has a life they lead, with friends and family and a backstory. The systems working behind the scenes must be ridiculous; hopefully we get some insight into how they all work someday.

Until then, we'll have a bit of a wait before we're able to get our hands on Watch Dogs: Legion in its entirety. The game is set to release on March 6, 2020.