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Is It Possible To Make A Circle In Minecraft?

Minecraft is all about blocks. You mine materials made out of them. You build things with them. The entire Minecraft world is constructed using a bunch of blocks; some flat, some stacked on top of one another. In a world that boxy, can you create something round? Is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft?


Not quite. Let us pose a question to you, though; can you see circles on your TV or your computer screen?

When you pull up an image of a circle on your laptop, for example, you're not seeing a perfect circle. You're seeing a circle recreated using a bunch of tiny pixels. Because those pixels are so close together, they're able to create the illusion of a round shape. But that circle isn't round if you zoom in. Instead, you'll see a bunch of pixels trying to do their very best.

You can create a circle in Minecraft using that same concept. In the image above, you can see a round building made from Minecraft blocks that looks incredibly jagged. You can see those jagged edges because the building is large and you're close to it. If you zipped high into the sky and looked down, however, you might believe the building was round.


This, friends, is how round things are created inside Minecraft.

If you want to create a circle in the game, you have to cheat a little. None of the large circles you see anywhere in Minecraft are actually round. Roller coaster tracks aren't proper curves. The balls that people create aren't perfect spheres. But you can get away with making something that looks circular enough if you look at it from a distance. And fortunately, there are tools that can help, such as this circle generator, which shows you exactly how to lay your blocks out to achieve an almost-circular shape.

So is it possible to make a circle in Minecraft? If you want something flawlessly round, no. But that hasn't stopped anyone from getting pretty close. And besides; perfect circles would clash with the Minecraft aesthetic. And who wants that?