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What Is The Rarest Emote In Fortnite?

It seems like just yesterday Fortnite's emotes were getting it into a lot of trouble. Now those controversies have passed, and we're back to laughing at them. But there are some emotes we haven't seen in a while; some highly rare dances and poses that players are just dying to get their hands on. It begs the question: what is the rarest emote in Fortnite?


The nice people over at Dexerto decided to crunch the numbers on this very subject, reviewing the Fortnite store back in July 2019 to see which emotes have been sold recently and which hadn't. And it appears the Flapper emote currently wears the crown when it comes to the emote that hasn't been sold for the longest period of time. Back when the research was compiled, Flapper hadn't been seen in the store in 356 days; nearly a year. Based on some searching of our own, we haven't found anything to suggest it's been sold since.

We know Epic Games is cranking out a lot of new content, and there are always fresh emotes being added to the store. But going more than a year without selling the Flapper emote? What's the deal with that?


We have our suspicions, of course. It would benefit Epic to keep some items just out of reach, as it creates a little bit of mystery around them and makes players more eager to buy them should they appear again. But we're still left scratching our heads on this one, because just like the Raptor glider, the Flapper emote isn't really anything mind-blowing.

Perhaps the answer lies right in front of us. Maybe items like the Raptor and the Flapper are so under the radar that they're being displaced in the store by cooler things. And the more Fortnite adds, the less we'll see some of the game's older cosmetics. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Anyway, there you have it. It's unclear why the Flapper emote has been missing all this time, but well over a year has gone by without it being sold in the Fortnite store. That makes it the rarest emote in the game right now, so if you happen to see it pop up someday (and you have a fondness for the 1920s), you might want to grab it. Who knows when it'll be back again.