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What Is The Rarest Glider In Fortnite?

Fortnite is as much about its cosmetics as it is looting and shooting. And some of the fun comes not from playing the game, but from hunting for some of the rare items available from its store. Most gliders, for instance, are a dime a dozen. But some are very rare. Which is the hardest to find? What is the rarest glider in Fortnite?


As far as we can tell, the honor belongs to a glider known as the Raptor.

The website Dexerto last took a look at Fortnite's inventory back in July 2019, combing over items that had appeared in the store in recent months to determine which rare items hadn't shown up in a while. And it appears the Raptor glider has been missing in action for over a year. We've not been able to locate news that the Raptor has shown up since, so we're going to assume that is still the case. But we imagine a story about the Raptor making its way back into the store would've been a big deal.

A year without being sold? Epic Games clearly wants to create some suspense around these microtranactions. On one hand, bravo to that studio for keeping the store interesting. On the other hand, it feels slightly icky to purposely hold something back to drive up demand. People are undoubtedly going to buy this glider as soon as it shows up again because they'll be afraid to miss out. That seems a little manipulative.


What's fascinating about the Raptor, though, is that the glider really isn't all that special. It's essentially a reskin that is similar to dozens of other Fortnite gliders. There are cooler and flashier options out there for those who want a glider that's going to draw some attention. But for those who are collecting — and sorry to mix creatures — the Raptor is the white whale.

We'd promise to update you as soon as the Raptor enters the store, but odds are, if you follow Fortnite you're probably going to hear about it. It'll be that big a deal.