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Will We Ever Get A New Twisted Metal Game?

Who remembers vehicular combat? Those were the days, when Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 went head-to-head in an entirely new genre of driving game. It's hard to believe that Twisted Metal isn't still a thing these days, but we haven't received a new entry in that series since 2012. It got us thinking: Will we ever get a new Twisted Metal game? Or is that franchise dead and gone?


It's possible we could someday. But there's nothing right now to indicate that a new Twisted Metal is speeding our way.

Here's the thing about Twisted Metal: it's been sort of a hot potato at Sony. A developer called SingleTrac made the game for a few years. Then Sony's 989 Studios took over. After that, Sony's now-defunct Incognito Entertainment led the way on developing Twisted Metal. Then a company called Eat Sleep Play got the nod. Director and designer David Jaffe is the constant that connects all of those various studios and companies to the Twisted Metal franchise, which means that if the series were to come back, he'd probably be the one to bring it back.

Except David Jaffe is now a Twitch streamer. Jaffe goes live occasionally to talk about games and the industry at large, but he hasn't worked at Eat Sleep Play since 2015 and is no longer making video games. That puts Twisted Metal in a pretty tough spot.


Is it possible Sony could revive the franchise someday? Absolutely. It's clear the company thinks of Twisted Metal as an important PlayStation franchise. The original game was even included on its PlayStation Classic mini console. Had that product not been so poorly received, perhaps the title could've earned some new fans.

But right now, Sony doesn't seem all that interested in making a new one. And it's frankly hard to imagine a Twisted Metal that doesn't have David Jaffe involved in some way. You probably shouldn't expect a new game in the series anytime in the near future. But down the road? Who knows.