How Many Mega Man Games Are There?

The Mega Man franchise is about as storied as they come. It started in 1987 with Mega Man on the NES and received ten more mainline entries after that, the latest coming in 2018 with Mega Man 11. But believe it or not, there are even more Mega Man games than that. And we're going to break them all down right now.


So, how many Mega Man games are there, exactly?

In terms of the platformers you know and love, there are 29 in total. That includes the 11 mainline Mega Man titles, eight more from the Mega Man X series, an additional four from the Mega Man Zero series, two from the Mega Man ZX series, and four from the Mega Man Legends series. And yeah, we know what you're thinking: Mega Man's sure been busy.

But that's not all. There are also six Mega Man Battle Network RPG games, and ten spin-off games inspired by those. Oh, and three Mega Man Star Force games, which are RPGs separate from the Battle Network line.

And did we mention that the aforementioned Mega Man X series also has spin-offs? Four of them to be exact.


Now here's where the numbers get fuzzy. Capcom has released a lot of Mega Man games for mobile phones, and did so even before the advent of the iPhone. It's tough to tell which are ports of existing games and which are new games, but we're just going to go ahead and count them all up so that we at least put a figure on them: 42 in all.

And finally, there's a Pachinko machine game, because of course there is.

When you total everything up — and you forgive the fact that Capcom's many mobile entries muddy the waters — there are somewhere between 53 and 95 Mega Man games in existence. To say Capcom has been flooding the world with Mega Man titles; well, that is a severe understatement.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, you now how many Mega Man games there are. Good luck playing them all.