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How Long Does It Take To Get To Level 60 In World Of Warcraft Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic is officially out in the wild, and thus far, it seems players are progressing through the game rather slowly. There are queues to log in. There are single-file lines to turn in quests. Reaching level 60 is going to be long slog, yet people still want to know how long that's going to take.


So we're going to do the best we can. And right now, the best is going to have to be an estimate.

The folks at Polygon took a stab at how long it'll take to hit the level 60 cap in WoW Classic, and it's more time than has passed since the game launched. From start to finish, according to Polygon, you're probably looking at somewhere around 168 hours of leveling. That is seven full days of gameplay, and we mean full as in you'd have to sit and play for seven days straight without sleeping or taking any other kind of break.

That is just a guess, though. We don't have an exact figure or even several figures to average out, because no one has done it yet. For all we know, that estimated number could be wildly off the mark. We'll just have to wait and see.


It's called World of Warcraft Classic for a reason: this is a spiffed-up version of the 2004 game that isn't quite as breezy as the current WoW, which has benefited from 15 years of development. It's a nice trip back in time for those who played the original WoW at launch, but even those players might have been viewing the older game through rose-colored glasses. Waiting in line for quests? Remember when we laughed at The Division for that?

Still, this is the version of World of Warcraft that many players wanted. Now we'll just have to wait around for someone to hit level 60. It might be a while.