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How Long Does It Take To Beat Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan?

In the mood for a spooky new game? The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan launches this Friday from Supermassive Games, the makers of Before Dawn. Some are curious about how long Man of Medan will be, and fortunately, some early reviews are starting to roll out that describe the game's length. Even better: there appears to be a consensus.


So, how long does it take to beat Dark Pictures: Man of Medan? About five hours.

The review from Eurogamer pegs the Man of Medan experience at "three to five hours." The folks over at IGN say it has a "five-ish hour story." Destructoid notes the game has a "breezier pace" than past Supermassive titles at "roughly five hours." And VentureBeat noted that the game is "just a few hours long," which is a description that lines up with the reviews from the other sites.

That's it, right? Man of Medan is a five-hour experience. Except there is some replayability to it, which means you could ultimately spend more time playing after you run through the campaign once.

In classic Supermassive fashion, Man of Medan contains dialogue options that help make each playthrough unique. Not only that, there are — according to Destructoid — "extensive branching paths" found in Man of Medan that enable you to experience the story differently the second or third time around.


Add the fact that the game has a co-op mode (which supports two players) as well as a pass-and-play mode (which supports five) and you could feasibly have fun playing through Man of Medan several more times just by experiencing it with different people.

And really, that might the best way to play The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Whether you're in love with horror titles or you prefer to hide under the covers, there's something fun about gathering around a TV and shrieking simultaneously when something scary happens. If that sounds like your cup of creepy tea, Man of Medan might well be worth the $30.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Friday, Aug. 30.