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Untitled Goose Game Finally Gets A Release Date For PC And Nintendo Switch

After an announcement, a delay, and a lot of waiting, we're finally getting the piece of news we all so richly deserve. Untitled Goose Game has a release date. It's soon, yet at the same time, it's not soon enough.


Have you ever looked forward to a game you didn't totally understand? That's how we feel about Untitled Goose Game, which comes to PC and Nintendo Switch on Sept. 20 at a price of $19.99. On one hand, we just think it'll be downright hilarious to cause mischief as a goose. Geese are inherently funny and cute, yet somehow also seem like they could become real jerks at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, we're not entirely sure what you do in Untitled Goose Game aside from tormenting everyone and everything in sight.

The Nintendo Switch eShop page for the game notes its key features as A Goose; Inventive, Sandbox-Style Gameplay; Multiple Areas and Challenges; and Very Funny. In that respect, Untitled Goose Game sounds an awful lot like Goat Simulator, another title in which you control an animal who makes life miserable for humans. That game was slightly deeper than it led on, though, with various puzzles to solve and challenges to complete. And from what we've been hearing, Untitled Goose Game will follow a similar formula. That is welcome news.


Will the novelty eventually wear off? It's entirely possible. Even wreaking havoc as a goose has the potential to become boring after hours and hours of play time. But we imagine most won't experience it that way (especially those on Switch). UGG isn't meant to be your next Breath of the Wild. It's a nice change of pace game; something for when you quit whatever else you're playing and just want to goof around. And at $20, it'll be priced just right for that kind of role.

Untitled Goose Game hits PC (via the Epic Games Store on Windows and Mac) and Nintendo Switch on Sept. 20.