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Persona 6: When Will The JRPG Sequel Be Released?

Yeah, we know. Persona 6? Didn't Persona 5 just come out a few years ago? Yes, it did. And we're well aware that these are not games that come out very quickly. Before Persona 5 eventually released in 2016, it had been eight years since we'd last received a mainline Persona title.


But humor us for a moment. Let's say that Persona 6 is being worked on right now, or is close to being worked on. Let's imagine that Atlus (the developer behind the series) has a year written down on a chalkboard, and that's the year we could get Persona 6. When would that be?

To come up with an answer, we used the time-tested tool of averaging the gaps between Persona releases.

There was a three year gap in between Revelations: Persona in 1996 and Persona 2: Innocent Sin in 1999. From there, seven years passed before Persona 3 was released in 2006. Persona 4 shot out the door two years later in 2008, and then we waited eight long years for Persona 5 to drop in 2016, twenty years after the first game.


All of those gaps average to around five years per Persona title. That would place Persona 6's release in 2021, and if you think about where we are currently in the console generation, this makes sense. We're expected to get the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles in Holiday 2020. Persona 6 could fit in nicely as an early release the following year, or as a potential headliner for the Holiday 2021 release window.

Of course, Persona 6 could come out sometime after that, too. There have been gaps as long as seven and eight years. If Atlus wants to take its time, the studio will take its time.

But for now, that's our best guess at when you'll see Persona 6. We don't actually know the release date because — to be quite honest — we're not even sure the game is being made yet. If we hear something more solid, we'll be sure to let you know.