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Red Dead Online Will Add New Specialist Roles In September 10 Update

After teasing new features for Red Dead Online last month, Rockstar Games has provided a full breakdown for the upcoming Frontier Pursuits update in addition to locking in a release date.

Frontier Pursuits continues the evolution of the Red Dead Online experience, adding an ongoing series of Specialist Roles for players to take on. These Roles come with a variety of themed activities, unique items, and skills. As you complete Role activities, you will earn Role XP that allows you to progress through the 20 Role Ranks. Rockstar has divided these ranks into four tiers: Novice, Promising, Established, and Distinguished. You move up a tier every five ranks.


Unlocking Role Ranks rewards you with Role Tokens that you can use to purchase unique Role items. At specific ranks you will also unlock new Role oriented skills, satchel upgrades, and access to Role specific Free Roam events. The update will launch with three initial Roles—Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector—with more slated to follow.

As the name suggests, Bounty Hunters hunt down criminals, selecting new targets from boards near law offices, post offices, and train stations. These bounties range in difficulty level, with live targets yielding greater bounties. At higher ranks, you will even have the opportunity to hunt other players with bounties of $20 or more. To get started, meet the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes and purchase the Bounty Hunter License once the update goes live. Twitch Prime members who link their Twitch and Rockstar accounts before September 8 will receive the license for free.


As a Trader, you'll help aspiring entrepreneur Cripps by becoming a partner in the fledgling Cripps Trading Company. To progress up the ranks, you'll keep Cripps stocked with a steady supply of goods by hunting animals and completing Resupply Missions. You can utilize several upgrades to make business run more smoothly and protect your camp against raids. To get started, you'll need to purchase a Butcher's Table. All PlayStation 4 players will receive the Butcher's Table free of cost.

Collectors explore the world seeking valuable treasures. You can sell off individual pieces or collect whole sets to yield a greater profit. To get started, seek out the travelling saleswoman Madam Nazar and purchase the Collector's Bag. If you'd like to save 15 gold bars, you can unlock the Collector's Bag for free by collecting all 54 hidden playing cards in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Frontier Pursuits update launches September 10.