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Control: How To Get Clearance Level 4

In Control, the supernatural shooter from Remedy Entertainment, you find yourself in the role of Jesse Faden as she takes on a powerful entity known as the Hiss. To unravel the mystery at the heart of the story, you must progress through the Oldest House, an ever-shifting building that acts as the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control. As you explore the many sectors of the Oldest House, you'll encounter several mundane elements ranging from mold removal work orders to locked security doors. The Bureau runs much like any government agency would, which includes the use of a security system to provide tiered access to key sectors and rooms.

To proceed through the game, you must pick up security passes of increasing levels. Like the first three passes, obtaining clearance level 4 will unfold as a natural consequence of pursuing the main narrative. At the end of Mission 4, "Old Boys' Club," Control tasks you with completing the Punchcard Puzzle in the Research Sector. Once you've finished the puzzle, speak to Helen Marshall, the Bureau's Head of Operations. She will reveal some key information that leads into your next mission and another area of the Oldest House. To aid you in completing your objective, Marshall gives you the clearance level 4 security pass.

The details Marshall provides may tempt you to barrel ahead in the main storyline; however, if you're looking for a complete playthrough, make sure you take the time to revisit any locked security doors you left behind in previously explored areas. These doors provide access to collectibles and other items which you'll need to unlock all of Control's achievements and get the most out of Remedy Entertainment's latest (and possibly greatest) title.