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Fortnite Teases It: Chapter Two Crossover Event With Red Balloons

With It: Chapter Two days away from its theater debut, Fortnite seems to be planting the seeds for a crossover event featuring the horror film.

Sightings of red balloons have started pouring in across Reddit, the locations ranging from Salty Springs to the mountain near Happy Hamlet. The balloons seem to be attached to sewer drains (and in one instance a toilet) and emit a creepy laugh when you interact with them. Assuming this is not a passing Easter egg, the crossover event will likely kick-off tomorrow, September 5, the day before the movie's US release. This would follow the same pattern set by theĀ Avengers: Endgame crossover.


Based on the unnerving balloons, many players are already clamoring for a Pennywise skin to add to their collections, with some users saying that the addition would bring them back to the game. Others hope Epic will add a Pennywise dance or even a Pennywise mode to the game. Nothing says murderous rampage quite like an ancient evil in clown form.

For those unfamiliar with the iconic character created by the diabolic mind of Stephen King, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the primary form taken by It, a cosmic entity who prays on children. It has several concerning abilities to call upon while pursuing its prey, including shapeshifting, manipulation, and adult camouflage. It sleeps for a period of 27 to 30 years, awakening and venturing forth from its sewer lair to feed on the fears of children.


Epic Games has not confirmed the crossover but with the film release and Halloween on the horizon, this seems like the ideal time to unleash a torrent of clown-themed gliders, axes, and skins on the unsuspecting children of Fortnite. As the John Wick crossover event demonstrated, the developer is not afraid to incorporate content from R-rated films into the battle royale.