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Control: The Quickest Way To Level Up

Control does not use a traditional leveling system, instead rewarding you with Ability Points that you can use to upgrade your abilities. As you spend them, you will also unlock more mod slots, which increase the effectiveness of the Service Weapon and Jesse's max health and energy. The game has six abilities: Melee, Launch, Evade, Shield, Seize, and Levitate. Other than Melee, which you possess at the start of the game, you'll gain access to the other abilities by finding Objects of Power. You can spend your Ability Points by visiting a Control Point.

Though not all activities in Control reward Ability Points, you will gain them automatically as you move through the main narrative and complete story missions. To speed up your progression, finish side missions whenever they become available. Ranging from mold removal to epic boss fights, these quests vary in difficulty and length but offer your best bet for powering up faster. You will gain access to side missions during Mission 3 when you journey into the Maintenance Sector. Much like collectibles, Remedy has hidden these optional quests throughout the game, and you can only unlock them by speaking to a specific person or uncovering a certain location.

To earn even more Ability Points, stay vigilante during your travels throughout the Oldest House. Discovering hidden areas and completing puzzles often rewards you with additional points, so it's worthwhile to go back and open any locked security doors you left behind as your clearance level increases. You can also reach new areas as you gain abilities, making exploration a key part of your mid- to late game.