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Sony Europe Unveils 'Only On PlayStation' Line Of Games With Collectible Cover Sleeves

It's easy to forget just how magnificent this generation has been for PlayStation 4 owners. BloodborneGod of WarSpider-Man? The PS4 has been absolutely killing it with exclusives, and now Sony is celebrating with a special collection of games that we pray comes to the United States at some point.

The "Only on PlayStation" collection highlights all of the stellar exclusives currently available on the PlayStation 4, from the Ratchet & Clank reboot to Horizon Zero Dawn and more. Up to ten games in all are getting the "Only on PlayStation" treatment, which includes limited-edition cover sleeves that look simply incredible. These sleeves really don't belong on a bookshelf. They deserve to be hung on a wall or something, which is exactly what we were dreaming about doing until we noticed the fine print.

These are not for America; not yet, anyway.

As you can see, the collectible sleeves have PEGI ratings. And according to Sony, the special Only on PlayStation versions of these games can only be purchased at GAME, which is sort of like the United Kingdom's version of GameStop (without all of the negative sentiment). It's entirely possible the European PlayStation arm beat the American squad to the punch, and we'll also be getting these Only on PlayStation versions of the PS4's many exclusives.

If we don't, though, that is just criminal. These are way too amazing to be trapped in one part of the world; especially that Horizon Zero Dawn sleeve. That is some top-notch art.

We'll be sure to update you should an announcement come for the states. In the meantime, the Only on PlayStation lineup can be picked up at GAME starting today, so if you happen to live in the UK, you're good to go. Please send a few copies our way; we'd greatly appreciate it.