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Project Resistance: Watch Capcom's Teaser Trailer

Does anyone have any other guesses about what Project Resistance is? Capcom shared a highly anticipated teaser trailer for the game today, and while we're thrilled for another look at this new Resident Evil, we also have more questions than answers.


To start, it's looking more and more like Project Resistance is going to be a team-based take on Resident Evil. The teaser features the same four characters that leaked out in early images, with one wielding a pistol, another toting a shotgun, and two using melee weapons. And it appears the characters will have to work together in order to face down threats, perhaps even playing roles in various situations. How will this ultimately look, and what kind of game will Project Resistance ultimately be? More on this later.

The trailer also shows us that someone may be pulling the strings behind the scenes Project Resistance. There's a man in a locked-down office who looks to be manipulating the environment and the enemies, closing doors, sending out bad guys, and even controlling one certain type of foe with a special pair of gloves. And let's hit on that really quickly. That Tyrant; he is mighty imposing, isn't he? We just got over being deathly afraid of the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 Remake, and here this guy is, ready to strike fear into our hearts all over again. Oh no.


We'd really love to know who the man is, though. We'd also love to know why he's leading what looks like a group of teenagers through a booby-trapped dungeon. And really, once again... what kind of game is this?

Everyone seems pretty convinced that Project Resistance is going to come from the Outbreak sub-series. Looking at the way Capcom is setting this up, though — with the four characters, the different loadouts, the areas to clear — it also strikes us as a game that could go the way of XCOM. Maybe that's totally off-the-wall bonkers and wrong (not maybe, probably), but hey, your own mini-squad can be a team! And we wouldn't hate a Resident Evil strategy game in that vein.

It won't take long for us to find out, though. Capcom plans to give everyone a look at Project Resistance during the Tokyo Game Show this week. Once we know more, we'll report back.