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Monkey Vomits On Sea Of Thieves Developer During Livestream

Those tuning in to yesterday's Sea of Thieves stream on Twitch got a little more than they bargained for, as did Rare video producer Jon McFarlane. It's all thanks to a hungry little monkey named Antonio, who perhaps had a bit too much to eat during Rare's broadcast about its upcoming Smuggler's Run update.


As you can see in the clip, Rare's McFarlane, Joe Neate, and Drew Stevens were all talking about changes Sea of Thieves players can expect to see in Smuggler's Run. And they were joined by a monkey named Antonio, who climbed between the three while occasionally stopping to pick up some snacks from the table.

Sadly, no one realized that Antonio was a ticking time bomb, of sorts; a vomit hot potato ready to explode on whoever he was perched upon when it was time. That person turned out to be Jon McFarlane, whose shirt and face served as the landing zones for several rounds of monkey vomit. And because it all took place live on Rare's Twitch channel — and that stream was recorded — we can go back and see exactly how it all went down.


We can't let another moment go by without pointing this out: Rare, the studio that made its name developing Donkey Kong Country titles, had a monkey-related mishap during a live broadcast. It seems that Rare doesn't have the same support among primates as it did back in the '90s. And whose idea was it to have a monkey on the stream, anyway? It's almost never a good idea to do any kind of event with an animal, live, taped or otherwise. They tend to act in unpredictable ways, and before you know it, there's monkey vomit all over your shirt.

For what it's worth, McFarlane's been a good sport about the entire thing, tweeting out a photo he took with Antonio and stating, "He may have puked but he's still a little cutie." Hopefully this unfortunate incident isn't a bad omen for Smuggler's Run, which many Sea of Thieves players have been looking forward to.

The Smuggler's Run update comes to Sea of Thieves tomorrow, Sept. 11.