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Is Tfue Still Legally Part Of FaZe?

The battle lines have been drawn. On one side, FaZe Clan, one of the most well-known clans in gaming. On the other side, Turney "Tfue" Tenney, who might be the most famous person playing Fortnite right now (sorry, Ninja). The fight is over money, and the whole thing is weird.


Why is it weird, you ask? Because as far as we're aware, Tfue is still very much a member of FaZe.

Back in May, Tfue filed a lawsuit that called into question just how legal his FaZe contract was. Not only that, Tfue took issue with the fairness of his FaZe deal. He felt as though the organization was taking more than its fair share of earnings while stifling other potential revenue streams. Tfue's lawyer called the contract "oppressive," and felt litigation was the only means by which to get Tfue a better contract.

But the war raged on. A few months later in August, FaZe Clan countersued Tfue, accusing him of breaching his contract and claiming he "shared almost none of [his non-tournament] income with FaZe Clan." FaZe took a lot of credit for helping make Tfue what he is today, and shared its belief that Tfue's master plan is to break free of FaZe so he can start his own esports organization.


All of that happened, and meanwhile, Tfue is still under contact with FaZe. He's certainly not touting that fact very much these days, but as long as the contract has not been struck down, it's still in effect, which means Tfue is still a member of FaZe Clan.

This is a story that's definitely worth watching, as new details are likely to emerge in the days and weeks to come. For what it's worth, Tfue's lawyer seems to believe that he has the FaZe organization exactly where he wants it, though we wouldn't doubt that FaZe's lawyer also believes the same going the other way. When we know more, we'll fill you in.