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Why Is Agent 47 From Hitman Bald?

There are all sorts of things in the gaming world we just accept without question. We aren't doing a deep dive into why Super Mario Bros. pipes don't seem to serve any kind of plumbing purpose, for instance. And likewise, Agent 47 from Hitman is bald. That's probably just a design choice, right? Actually, there's more to it than that.


According to website The Gamer, there are a number of theories about why Agent 47 has no hair, and some actually dive into the character's lore and try to offer an explanation using known information from 47's past. There are instances in some Hitman games where we see Agent 47 as a child, and he's just as bald as he is during his later years, which leads us to believe he's always been without hair.

As for those theories? They range from everything to the makeup of the DNA used to clone him, to his baldness being a side effect of medications he was administered as a child, to the possibility that the asylum he grew up in shaved his head, and he simply became used to the look.

We have to say, these guesses are far more interesting than learning that Agent 47 is bald because some designer preferred that trait.


But believe it or not, Agent 47 could have very well looked different had his artists chosen a different path. Agent 47's designer, Jacob Anderson, has openly talked about other versions of the Hitman protagonist that were being considered, including someone older and harrier, and someone who wore futuristic glasses.

Fortunately, the bald Agent 47 we all know today won out. And his being bald likely makes it easier to see his barcode, which further drives home the point that Agent 47 is less a normal human and more a product of science, designed to kill as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Now... when are we getting Hitman 3?