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Xbox Square Enix Sale Discounts Kingdom Hearts 3, More

You may not realize it until you see the list in full, but wow; Square Enix has a lot of good games on the Xbox One. Now a whole boatload of them are discounted, which means you can fill your console's hard drive up with all sorts of action/adventure games, RPGs, and whatever Oh My Godheads is.


The clear standout in this week's Square Enix sale has to be Kingdom Hearts 3. Despite releasing back in late January of this year, KH3 is discounted all the way down to $29.99. That's half off for the game Kingdom Hearts fans waited years and years for.

But if you know us, you know we're not going to let a discount on Shadow of the Tomb Raider go by without a comment. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is just $19.79 during the sale, which is a remarkable price for a game that came out a little more than a year ago. Seriously, though; if you are thinking about buying this one, buy the on-sale $29.69 Croft Edition that includes the Season Pass and all of the DLC challenge tombs.

And whatever you do: don't buy Fear Effect Sedna. You may feel tempted by its huge discount (down to $2.99 from $19.99) but you'll likely wish you'd spent that $3 elsewhere after you play it.


Here's a list of all the other Square Enix Xbox titles on sale this week:

Kingdom Hearts 3  – $29.99

Forgotton Anne – $9.99

Romancing SaGa 2 – $18.74

Black The Fall – $5.99

Deadbeat Heroes – $5.99

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided – $4.49

Fear Effect Sedna – $2.99

Final Fantasy 7 – $11.19

Final Fantasy 9 – $14.69

Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster – $29.99

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – $29.99

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition – $24.99

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition HD – $17.99

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – $9.99

World of Final Fantasy Maxima – $19.99

Just Cause 3 – $5.99

Just Cause 4 – $19.79

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – $3.99

Life is Strange Complete Season – $3.99

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – $3.39

Life is Strange 2 Complete Season – $26.79

Murdered: Soul Suspect – $2.99

Octahedron – $5.19

Oh My Godheads – $3.74

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – $5.99

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration – $8.99

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – $19.79

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – $4.49

Thief – $2.99

The Xbox Square Enix sale wraps up next Tuesday, Sept. 24.