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Pokemon Go October 2019 Community Day Will Feature Trapinch

Niantic has announced that the next Pokemon Go Community Day will take place on October 12, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time. The developer has selected the termite-like Trapinch as the month's featured Pokemon.


Trapinch is a ground-type Pokemon that evolves into Vibrava and Flygon. Both are ground and dragon-type. Though some players love the Trapinch line, Flygon is not particularly relevant in the current PvE and PvP meta. Should Flygons evolved during the Community Day learn Earth Power, a potent ground-type attack, they could move up in the ranks of ground-type contenders. Other possibilities include: Dragon Breath, Mud-Slap, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, and Hyper Beam. Even with a new move, Flygons will still be hard pressed to compete with other dragon-types.

During the event, you'll receive 3X Catch XP and Trapinch will appear more frequently in the wild. You also have a chance to encounter a Shiny Trapinch which trades the Pokemon's normal orange coloring for a distinctive teal shade. You can evolve your Shiny Trapinch into a Shiny Vibrava and Shiny Flygon, both of which sport new orange details. Lure Modules will also last for three hours.


The October 2019 Community Day announcement follows the addition of fifth generation Pokemon from the Unova region. Pokemon like Snivy and Lillipup started appearing in the wild and hatching from eggs on September 16. Niantic also added several region-specific Unova Pokemon.

Pokemon Go celebrated its third anniversary earlier this year and has enjoyed an unexpected amount of success since its release in 2016. The addition of Community Events alongside other promotions and features has drawn many players back to the mobile platform. The game also boasts one of the most positive communities, frequently resulting in real-world friendships. It turns out that removing the element of online anonymity does wonders for a person's behavior.