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Who Is Timthetatman's Wife And How Did They Meet?

In the world of video game streamers and pro gamers, the personality sitting in front of the camera is the one viewers are most familiar with. This is true of those just being themselves while they stream, and those who've adopted a persona. And while the ones playing the games are the reason viewers keep coming back, the significant others behind the camera are often the ones who enable the streamers to do what they love. From someone who is well known in their own right (like Pewdiepie's wife, Marzia), to someone fans know almost nothing about (like Dr. Disrespect's wife, Mrs. Assassin), these spouses play a critical role in the success of our favorite gamers. 


One streamer who has played things relatively close to the vest where his personal life is concerned is the energetic gamer known as Timthetatman, whose real name is Timothy Betar. Betar didn't reveal any personal information about his significant other on his stream until the day after he proposed to her. And once the two were engaged, it seemed like his now-wife was featured more often on the stream. But who is Timthetatman's wife and how did they meet?

Her name is Alexis. And below, we'll fill you in on how the two linked up.

In the stream where Betar announced to his fans that he'd proposed to Alexis, he revealed their history together, which was a surprisingly long and complicated one. Betar and Alexis had met in high school, where they'd dated. And he stated that he wasn't the most mature in high school and ended up breaking up with her. The two did reconnect during college where they dated again, but the long distance between them soon ended their relationship once more. 


In 2015, however, Betar realized that Alexis was the girl he wanted to be with, and after confessing his feelings to her, Alexis quit her job and moved back to be with him.

The two only dated for a few months before Betar decided to propose to her. Alexis recounted the story for Timthetatman's viewers on his stream, saying that he took her to a nice resort, but kept faking her out. Alexis had a good idea that he'd be proposing that day, but when each opportunity passed without him popping the question, she began to wonder if maybe she'd guessed wrong. By the end of the night, once they'd gotten back to their room at the resort, Betar finally proposed. And Alexis responded by saying, "That's so cute! Do it again!", making him get back down on his knee to ask her once more.

The two are now happily married and have a baby boy named Brewer. And that, everyone, is the scoop on Timthetatman's wife.