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The Easiest Way To Find A Saddle In Minecraft

Mojang's open-world building game Minecraft is the perfect outlet for gamers with big imaginations. With just a few tools, you can build anything you can possibly think of. Almost. There is one glaring exception to the "limitless creativity" rule that Minecraft promotes, and that is the saddle.


For some reason that still doesn't make much sense to any fans of the game, players still can't craft their own saddle. For those adventurous types who'd like to tame and ride a horse, you'll have to go out and find your own saddle, which can prove a bit tricky. But luckily, we have the easiest ways to find a saddle in Minecraft.

Though you can get a saddle from the Ravager you kill after a raid attacks your village, having to fight off waves of enemies in order to ride a horse doesn't seem like the most efficient way to get things done. Instead of waiting around for your village to be attacked, go out into the world and look for the telltale signs of a dungeon. The moss-covered cobblestone will be your first hint that you're near one of the underground areas. Chests found in dungeons have a high chance of spawning a saddle. But if you'd rather not make your way through the maze-like and often dangerous dungeons in Minecraft, there are other options for you.


The various temples scattered throughout the blocky world of Minecraft will often contain multiple chests. And inside these chests, you're likely to find at least one saddle. An added bonus to locating and raiding these temples is the horse armor you'll often receive as a reward, too. But if you enter a desert temple or jungle temple, remember to watch for any traps that may try to thwart your efforts. The only thing worse than failing to get your saddle is dying in the process and losing your entire inventory.

Another place to obtain a saddle is in a village. If you can locate a blacksmith in one of the many villages in Minecraft, the chest in their home can often contain a saddle. And if you aren't opposed to some light theft, it's yours for the taking. Of course, if breaking and entering isn't really your style, you can always stick to the abandoned mine shafts. They may be a bit dark and creepy, but the abundance of chests found in the mines means there's bound to be a saddle waiting for you.

Happy saddle hunting!