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The Surge 2, Due Out Next Week, Drops An Official Launch Trailer

Can you believe we've nearly sped our way through September already? Link's Awakening is out today on Switch, and next week, Focus Home Interactive's The Surge 2 finally arrives. And speaking of that latter title, it just got an official launch trailer to highlight its upcoming release, and oh yes, it looks cool.


The first Surge was neat if not a little flawed, which is exactly why we're so anxious to see what developer Deck13 brings to the table the second time around. How much will The Surge 2 improve on the original? How polished will it feel? At $49.99, it'll certainly be friendlier to your wallet than most major releases. But does that mean its a lesser experience when compared to, say, the $60 triple-A titles we're used to?

We certainly hope not.

There should be something to like in The Surge 2 for fans of many different franchises. It features the patient, deliberate combat found in the Souls games. You can essentially strip your enemies for parts and craft items out of their carcasses, much like you do in Monster Hunter. Deck13 even claims it drew inspiration from the 90s fighting game Rise of the Robots. And you know what? If you watch the trailer above, you can totally see bits and pieces of that in The Surge 2's combat.


All that's left to do now is see if this franchise can become a thing. It certainly feels like there would be a market for something one could call "futuristic Dark Souls." Not everyone loves the fantasy settings of the Souls game or the gothic surroundings in BloodborneThe Surge 2 definitely has an opportunity to carve out a little space for itself in the action RPG genre. Focus Home and Deck13 just have to deliver the goods, and in just a few days, we'll find out whether or not they've done it.

The Surge 2 comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Sept. 24, 2019.