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Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event Promises Spooky New Weapons, Skins, Enemies, And More

Bloody Harvest, the first limited-time event for Borderlands 3 is on the way. Slated for an October launch, the update will usher in lots of spooky content just in time for Halloween.

Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage shared the first look at Bloody Harvest during The Borderlands Show, a new monthly web series from Gearbox dedicated to all things Borderlands. The creepy-crawly offering is the first of several limited-time events the developer has planned for the game. 


Players who have completed the first act of Borderlands 3 will start to see new Haunted Enemies appear around the galaxy once the update goes live. These baddies can inflict your Vault Hunter with a Terror debuff, inhibiting your vision via a mysterious mist and reducing your gun handling, accuracy, and spread. When you kill these enemies you'll gain Hecktoplasm, a limited-time currency that you can trade to Maurice, a new NPC aboard Sanctuary 3, for special loot.

Once you've killed enough Haunted Enemies, you will gain access to the new Bloody Harvest map where you'll take on winged Rakk-O-Lanterns, Maliwan lackies, and other foes. This culminates in an epic boss fight with Captain Haunt, the Baron of Bloody Harvest. Captain Haunt should look familiar to you as he is the undead version of Captain Traunt, the Maliwan heavy soldier from the main Borderlands 3 campaign. He's risen again with a host of spooky new powers at his disposal.


Gearbox has promised lots of limited-time rewards for players to unlock during the event. These include: a new ECHO device skin, a weapon trinket, two news guns, a new shield, new skins for each of the Vault Hunters (including Moze's mech Iron Bear and Fl4K's pets), a global weapon skin, and Anointed loot with Terror modifiers.

Bloody Harvest will be free for all Borderlands 3 players from October 24 through December 5.