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Fortnite Season 10 BULLSEYE Mission Challenges

Happy Thursday, everyone! Fortnite's servers have officially reset, which means we have a brand new Battle Pass mission up. This time, it's called BULLSEYE!, and as the name implies, it's going to ask that you be deadly accurate this week; accurate in how you dive, accurate in where you land, and accurate in how you shoot.


Here's everything the BULLSEYE! mission is asking of you this week.

Normal Challenges:

  • Land on different bullseyes
  • Hit Weak Points while harvesting (50)
  • Get an elimination with a Sniper Rifle
  • Hit an easy firing range target
  • Complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Hit headshots (10)
  • Destroy Loot Carriers from 50m away (2)

Prestige Challenges:

  • Hit 5 consecutive Weak Points while harvesting
  • Destroy a Loot Carrier from 100m away
  • Hit headshots in a single match (3)
  • Hit a hard firing range target
  • Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Hit headshots with a Scoped weapon (3)
  • Land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig

If you're having trouble locating the various bullseyes you'll need to land on (along with any other ponits of interest you're not familiar with), the fine folks at r/FortniteBR have once again created a "cheat sheet" illustration that should guide you to where you need to go.

And what does completing all of this net you? Why, loot of course. More specifically: 50 Battle Stars, 10,000 XP, an Ultima Knight spray, a Vanquisher harvesting tool, and an additional style for Ultima Knight called Silver.

Season 10 wraps up in just 10 days, so honestly, we're not quite sure what next week will bring. Could this be it for Season 10? Will Epic try to sneak in one last mission before this season's Battle Pass is complete? Check back next week to find out.