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Borderlands 3 Loot Farm Is Also A Gremlins Easter Egg

Borderlands 3 has been out for a few weeks now, and one thing definitely hasn't changed: players are still looking for ways to farm loot as quickly as possible. There was a loot-cave-esque method happening for a brief period. Now there's a new farming method out in the wild, and believe it not, it seems legit.


It also, rather humorously, seems like a nod to the '80s film Gremlins.

In order to kick-start this farm, you'll need to be offline (as in, not connected to the internet). After you get into Borderlands 3, you'll want to make your way to Eden-6's Voracious Canopy area, and you'll want to do so with a cryo weapon in tow.

Now, find the Legendary Hunt located west of where you load in, and get ready for the Jabbermogwai. What on earth is a Jabbermogwai, you ask. As you'll see in the video below, it's something akin to the Mogwais from the Gremlins movie, but with one key difference: rather than replicating when it comes into contact with water, the Jabbermogwai creates a bunch of additional Jabbermogwai when hit with a cryo weapon.


And you're probably seeing now how the farming occurs. If the Jabbermogwai is a boss, and you can spawn a whole bunch of them at one time, why not do that and get a lot more drops a lot more quickly? Kill a couple of the Jabbermogwai. Use a cryo weapon to create a few more. And then kill the ones you just made. As long as you're leaving at least one Jabbermogwai alive so you can clone more, there's no telling how long you could keep this farm going. And because this appears to be the Jabbermogwai's intended behavior, you're not really cheating.

That said, Gearbox has to be patching this at some point, right? It doesn't make sense for the studio to shut down one loot farm and then leave another perfectly intact, even if the boss itself is a tribute to an '80s classic. If anything, we imagine Gearbox will probably tone down the drop rate from the Jabbermogwai, or will perhaps update the game to ensure loot only drops from the original boss. This, like almost any other loot farm, can't last.

We'll keep an eye out for incoming patches related to this or any other Borderlands 3 news. In the meantime, BL3 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.